Test bench control system

With PAtools®, GTSystem provides the most professional automation system for
testing. Well-known OEMs such as VW, BMW and Mercedes are using this state of the art software.

Test Bench Control – GTSystem Powertrain Automation Suite

  • Expert know-how for transmission testing, instrumentation and development included
  • Supply of a high end automation suite with unique functionality
  • GTSystem extended powertrain application software with many customer benefits
  • GTSystem intuitive customer interface for manual and automatic test bench control
  • High frequency measurements of DC/AC voltage/current with high precision Yokogawa measurement tool
  • Residual bus simulation: ASAM ODS, ASAP3, MCD3D, MCD3MC, ACI and GDI communication interfaces
  • ETPS (engine-torque-pulsation-simulation)
  • Direct input of road data & block program tests
  • Load profile transfer to a representative test bench cycle via proven statistical methods
  • Simulation of vehicle measurement data in real time
  • Dynamic simulation of driving resistance – WSS (wheel-slip-simulation)
  • Early failure detection & post mortem analysis